Greater Richmond Irish Setter Club



  Independent Specialty Show October 29, 2010
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Best in Sweepstakes

Pin Oak I Have A Dream.  Dog.  Owner: Nancy Godbey & J Fisher DVM, K Wall & T McNeal Best in sweeps

Best of Opposites Sweepstakes

Avon Farm Torch Song Of Carillon.  Bitch.  Owner: Carolyn Hills Best of Opposites Sweepstakes
Best Veteran in Sweepstakes  
Ch Ramblin' Red Criminally Insane.  Dog.  Owner: Nancy Salmon & Peter Kubacz Best Veteran in Sweepstakes

Best of Breed

GrCH Windntide Mr. Sandman.  SR43251601.   05/20/2007.    Breeder:  Carol McGarry & Christina Marley.   By:  Ch Westeirann Estrella Magic   -   Ch Windntide Sand In My Genes CD JH RE.   Dog.    Owner:  Patrick J & Carol McGarry.    Agent:  Peter S Kubacz Best of Breed
Winners Dog  
Kerrsienna Divide And Conquer.  SR03376307.   08/28/2002.    Breeder:  John A & Rosemary Kerr.   By:  Ch Rusty Acres' Jackson Brown   -   Kerrsienna Chicago Rave JW.   Dog.    Owner:  John A & Rosemary Kerr.    Agent:  Christine Rapposo Winners Dog


Beaubriar's Deal Me In.  SR50931101.   03/29/2008.    Breeder:  Elaine & Michelle DeChambeau.   By:  Ch Herihunda's Versacorp   -   Ch Beaubriar's Starz On Demand.   Dog.    Owner:  Michelle DeChambeau & Elaine DeChambeau


Winners Bitch

Tapestry's Pink Petticoat.  SR45111905.   08/05/2007.    Breeder:  Amy R Maxwell.   By:  Ch Tapestry's Sundance Kid   -   Ch Tapestry's Woven Magic.   Bitch.    Owner:  Amy R Maxwell.    Agent:  Rebecca Arch Winner's Bitch
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